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Amityville: No Escape

Synopsis: Amityville: No Escape As part of a thesis project to describe fear, a university student, cameraman and friends entering Amityville, NY forests, not a new horror movie horror film (through a well-known haunted isolation) emerged by independent horror chief Henrique Couto. The horrible explorers of the horrible unknowns scattered throughout the film have been since 1997 a series of VHS tapes (wisely shaking their head, the original Amityville: No Escape release date, dead flies at the window edge reminiscent of one of these films at the same time) The famous cursed house that stands in the famous city, which includes the daily life of the (now) old residence, while the husband accompanies him, leaving behind all the personal effects.

Acteur(s): Alia Gabrielle Eckhardt, Allison Egan, Ira Gansler, Joni Durian

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